Booty Kick was born in my kitchen.   I am a health-geek foodie, turning 50 this year, and suddenly every little bite counts.  I learned that spices enhance our health, and that some spices can even boost metabolism and help resist body fat.  There had to be a way to add more of these spices to my day - I wanted to make every little bite count in a good way!  I researched and developed this blend of spices, tasted, researched and tasted more until I found a new, healthy addiction.  

My favorite way to enjoy Booty Kick! Sprinkling Spice?  With coffee, macadamia milk, and collagen.  Yum!

I hope you enjoy Booty Kick as much as I do!

- Kim

Charities we Support

We believe that organic, sustainable agriculture is critical for good health. We support the following charities that encourage organic, sustainable agriculture:

Oregon Tilth:

The Future Organic Farmers Grant Fund:

What's Next?


We are so excited about Booty Kick that we are constantly working on new formulas and ideas.  Keep your eyes peeled for new products soon to come, including Booty Kick Metabolism-Kicking Spice Mixes for Cooking.