How does Booty Kick taste?

Booty Kick Metabolism-Kicking Sprinkle imparts a warming, slightly spicy flavor with an addictive little kick on the finish.   The flavor profile tastes good with:

  • Lattes
  • Roasted fall vegetables, such as sweet potato or squash
  • Bright, tangy foods, like grapefruit or green apples
  • Foods/drinks that are inherently bitter, like coffee or dark chocolate
  • Pork chops, sausage, bacon, turkey bacon, or vegan bacon
  • Creamy foods, like cheese or avocado
  • Rich, sweet foods, like cocoa, maple syrup, or baked apples
  • Nutty flavors:  roasted nuts, nut butters

Here are some easy ways to enjoy:

1.  Sprinkle on apple slices with nut butter.

2.  Kick up your latte.

3.  Sprinkle on avocado toast.

4.  Make your own spiced nuts (see Recipes below).

5.  Bring it to brunch - it's addictive with waffles & maple syrup.

6.  Kick up your afternoon tea to overcome that afternoon drowsiness.

7.  Add flair to your popcorn.

8.  Wrap halved brussels sprouts with bacon and roast; sprinkle with Booty Kick and watch the crowd go crazy.

9.  Amp up your party sandwiches.

10.  Booty Kick your sweet potato toast (Recipe below)

11.  Cut a grapefruit into wedges, sprinkle with Booty Kick & salt; enjoy!


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